6165 Skyway Road

                   Paradise, Ca 

                  (530) 413-5683

          Hours Tuesday-Saturday 12-7Pm

              Closed Sunday and Monday

​​​​​​and E-cig store 6165 Skyway Rd. Paradise,Ca

Vapor Lounge

JADE VAPOR Is the only store in Paradise that specializes in Ecigs and Vaporizors.  Regardless  if You are an experienced  Vaper or are new to Vaping.

You have found the right place. 


​Unlike the stuff you see at gas stations. We only sell the best Vaporizors on the market.

And do not sell E-Cigs with pre-filled cartridges. We make our E-Liquids with FDA approved
safe to consume ingredient's so there are no secrets, just ask.If you are thinking of quitting
and are unsure. We welcome you to come in and ask questions.  We believe
​That Vaping is the best alternative to smoking cigarettes and are readily available to help you on your journey 
to a smoke free life.

Check out our Events page for upcoming Vape meets and Events.